Walking Archive
October 11 - Present

    Walking Archive is a collection of digital photographs that navigates and records one mile of Birmingham, Alabama’s oldest neighborhood as it stands today. These images explore everyday objects and textures while documenting changes in the neighborhood. Each day Moon walked the same path and shot images continuously from her hip. Avoiding contact with the viewfinder kept her enganged with the surroundings and let chance direct composition. As a result, some images are unrecognizable and contribute to the energy of each day’s archive.
    This process is inspired by Ben Alper’s project Index of Walking and Ed Ruscha’s In Focus. Historical maps were used as a reference to understand what properties existed prior to the current structures in Fountain Heights. This gave insight to the way the land would be navigated years ago and the property transitions that have happened.

The Process:
    Begins at the Fountain Heights Recreation Center on 11th Street North. and travels east down 15th Avenue North, take a right on 13th Street North, right on 14th Avenue North, left on 13th Avenue North, left on 16th Street North, and finally left on 15th Ave N.

    This path passes old and new homes and apartments, the park and recreation center, the interstate, a church, and a corner store making it an ideal experience. 
The Resources: